Dear photographers, thank you all for participating in this edition of Photolympic and for sending the amazing photos.

We especially want to congratulate the winners , who had great answers to the topics..

We hope you enjoyed our competition and that you will participate again next year.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

XII 2019.


XII 2019



1.Apstraction - Saša Lalić
2.Architecture - Milena Milenković
3.Asymmetry - Bojan Dzodan
4.Back Light - Rashad Mehdyev
5.Border - Aleksandar Žarkov
6.Conrast - Dimitrios Paraskevakis
7.Crowd - Georgi Georgiev
8.Diagonal - Rashad Mehdiyev
9.Family - Dimitrios Paraskevakis
10.Fashion - Georgi Georgiev
11.Geometry - Rashad Mehdiyev
12.Hand(s) - Goran Jordanski
13.History - Mario Sikora
14.Light - Katarina Lalić
15.Love - Milena Jeremić
16.Minimalism - Rashad Mehdiyev
17.Movement - Vladimir Mijailović
18.Portrait - Dimitrios Paraskevakis
19.Reflection - Mario Sikora
20.Shadows - Damir Gizdavčić
21.Silhouette - Milena Milenković
22.Street - Vladimir Mijailović
23.Symmetry - Igor Popović
24.Two in One - Bauman-Dieter-Gergő
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Congratulations to 2019 Winners!

PhotOlympic is a real-time, 9-day Street Photo Competition.

PhotOlympic is like a real Olympic discipline! As described by previous participants, PhotOlympic is challenging, interesting and demanding, both physically and mentally, as well as a real thrill.

Competitors will be provided 24 themes to photograph and deliver during the 9-day photo competition.

To ensure non-biased results, PhotOlympic counts with 24 judges and a transparent (public) scoring system.

For detailed scoring click here!

It’s not a standard 3 or 5 jury members – IT’S 24 JURY MEMBERS! Personal styles, preferences, and subjectivity of the jury simply blend into a broader picture of 24 people who vote which guarantees the quality to rise to the top.                                                              

Our contribution to Street Photography, we believe, is organizing this unique, one of a kind worldwide live photo contest with stimulating concept and distinguished judges for appreciative competitors.

You can contribute too. We’re trying to spread the word of what we believe to be a new and unique concept of photo competition that will shake up the world of photography.

Change is not an easy process, but it has a long-term effect.

Let’s do it together!