After the successful 1st edition of Photolympic, where creativity, talent and resourcefulness collided among photographers from all continents and who were judged by our amazing 24 member jury from 19 countries all around the world – it is now time to announce the call for entries for the 2nd edition of Photolympic in fall.
Prepare yourself for an exciting and challenging 48 hours, where all you need is your camera and a sharp eye. We look forward to seeing the world through your lens.

Fellow photographers,

We are excited to invite you to PhotOlympic, 48-hour photo competition.
Competitors will be provided 24 themes to photograph and deliver during the 48-hour photo competition where 24 judges will be scorin your work. Isn’t that cool?

APPLICATION PERIOD 17th September 2018. to 09th November 2018.

THE CONTEST STARTS 10th November 2018 at 00:01 AM ( London, UTC+0 )

PhotOlympic is like a real Olympic discipline, so join us in this amazing photo competition.

PhotOlympic - May - 2018 Final Results

Congratulations to 2018 Winners!

1. Array

  1. Vesna Mijailović
  2. Tanja Bažalac
  3. Vladimir Mijailović

2. Abstraction

  1. Vladimir Mijailović
  2. Bojan Džodan
  3. Petra Lederer Dembic

3. Architecture

  1. Rebeka Legović
  2. Rashad Mehdiyev
  3. Bojan Džodan

4. Art

  1. Zoltan Bisak
  2. Jelena Vajner
  3. Alisa Kravchenko

5. Border

  1. Alisa Kravchenko
  2. Rok Dezelak
  3. Slavica Trnovac

6. Contrast

  1. Rok Dezelak
  2. Robert Semnic
  3. Billy Raymond

7. Crowd

  1. Bojan Džodan
  2. Robert Semnic
  3. Antonio Busqueta

8. Diagonal

  1. Rashad Mehdiyev
  2. Srđan Dunđerović
  3. Slavoljub Radojevic

9. Family

  1. Jelena Vajner
  2. Bojan Džodan
  3. Dejan Dajković

10. Fashion

  1. Igor Kazakov
  2. Mateja Jovanovic
  3. Billy Raymond

11. Geometry

  1. Dejan Dajković
  2. Jonathan Wheeler
  3. Rebeka Legović

12. Hand(s)

  1. Sladjana Pantelić
  2. Jelica Milentijević
  3. Zoltan Bisak

13. History

  1. Dejan Dajković
  2. Ovi D. Pop
  3. Ivan Stojanović

14. Love

  1. Edis Halimanović
  2. Slavica Trnovac
  3. Stojiljković Zoran

15. Minimalism

  1. Rashad Mehdiyev
  2. Rebeka Legović
  3. Edis Halimanović

16. Morning

  1. Dejan Dajković
  2. Bojan Džodan
  3. Vesna Mijailović

17. Number

  1. Jonathan Wheeler
  2. Branko Rajčević
  3. Sladjana Pantelić

18. Portrait

  1. Ovi D. Pop
  2. Zoltan Bisak
  3. Gwenael Bollinger

19. Reflection

  1. Jonathan Wheeler
  2. Bojan Džodan
  3. Erika Fung

20. Shadows

  1. Jonathan Wheeler
  2. Branko Rajčević
  3. Mateja Jovanović

21. Symmetry

  1. Bojan Džodan
  2. Irina Kataeva
  3. Igor Kazakov

22. Street

  1. Zoltan Bisak
  2. Vladimir Mijailović
  3. Goran Pavletić

23. Two in one

  1. Edis Halimanović
  2. Dejan Dajković
  3. Ivan Stojanović

24. Water

  1. Robert Semnic
  2. Edis Halimanović
  3. Jelena Vajner

For detailed scoring click below!

PhotOlympic is a real-time, 48-hour Street Photo Competition.

Competitors will be provided 24 themes to photograph and deliver during the 48-hour photo competition.

To ensure non-biased results, PhotOlympic counts with 24 judges and a transparent (public) scoring system.

PhotOlympic is like a real Olympic discipline! As described by previous participants, PhotOlympic is challenging, interesting and demanding, both physically and mentally, as well as a real thrill.

24 Themes to photograph

48 HOURS to deliver photos

24 Judges

$1,000 Cash Prize

$500 Cash Prize

$250 Cash Prize


It’s not a standard 3 or 5 jury members – IT’S 24 JURY MEMBERS! Personal styles, preferences, and subjectivity of the jury simply blend into a broader picture of 24 people who vote which guarantees the quality to rise to the top.

Photo Exhibition in NEW YORK CITY

PhotOlympic 2018 photo exhibit will be held in October in New York City where 72 photos will be displayed.

With 24 themes and Top ranked 3 photos per category, 72 photos will be displayed and presented to the visitors.

Also, all Honorable Mentions photos will be projected on the wall, each signed by its author’s name.

The Vision

Our contribution to Street Photography, we believe, is organizing this unique, one of a kind worldwide live photo contest with stimulating concept and distinguished judges for appreciative competitors.

You can contribute too. We’re trying to spread the word of what we believe to be a new and unique concept of photo competition that will shake up the world of photography.

Change is not an easy process, but it has a long-term effect.

Let’s do it together!