PhotOlympic 2020 Competition THEMES

Download PhotOlympic 2020 Themes PDF File” link=””

Dear competitors, Please set date in your camera to GMT time. 

Winners and all receivers of honorable mentions will have to send their original (raw) photo files for date and manipulation-free check.

Instructions for submitting photos

  1. Choose and upload the best photo for each category.
  2. The maximum size of a photograph is 5 Mb, 300 dpi.
  3. Minimal image processing is allowed (cropping, lighting correction, color correction…)
    all other photo manipulations are forbidden (cloning, panorama etc.).
  4. Photos can be submitted from 00:01 26.05. – 23:59 27.05. 2018 (London, GMT).
    It will not be possible to submit photos after the entry period since the program will be locked.
  5. During the 48 hours period, you will have the opportunity to change the image you submitted
    under a certain category, however, you will not be able to use the same image on a number of
    different categories (e.g. Colour photo for one category and black and white for another.. .).
  6. Naming the files:
    Category number – Name and Surname of the author
    (For example: 1NameSurname.jpg , 2NameSurname.jpg … 24NameSurname.jpg)
  7. The members of the jury do not even see the name of the author or the name of the photo.

A few last minutes tips: 

  • The very first one is: PLEASE BE SAFE!

We urge you not to take any risks while competing, it’s not worth it.

  • 26th May 2018 at 00:01 (GMT, London time) 24 themes will be announced on the website at the start of the competition.
  • You will have 48 hours to photograph and upload your photos.
  • Please remember – one image per theme.
  • Take your time, don’t rush things up. It’s better to read the themes through and take a moment to conceptualize rather then to rush to get it done.
  • You don’t have to deliver 24 photos, BUT, you should! Its better to have a photo uploaded than no photo. No photo means 0 points, while an uploaded photo among 24 judges might get some points. So, do you’re best to send all 24 photos, no obligation though.
  • Dont stress about editing or Photoshop! DONT!!! This competition is not about that. PhotOlympic judges, as you might have seen in their work, will not value your Photoshop editing skills. Keep it simple, basic editing like: conversion to black and white, contrast, levels, etc.
  • Dont manipulate photos youll be disqualified! Adding or removing things from photos is against the rules.
  • PhotOlympic and its judges value creativity. Try to find the most creative way to answer each theme. Keep it simple!
  • Check some of the themes we had in the past and try to anticipate how you would do it.

Lastly, some tech and survivor tips and tricks

  • Charge your batteries
  • Free up your memory card(s)
  • Print 24 themes or put it as a wallpaper on your phone to have it handy
  • Relax and take your time
  • Always have some water with you! (obvious but very important!)
  • Bring some snacks and chocolates, you will need some extra energy – we bet you will!
  • Think about how you will move around: public transport, bicycle, car, skate board…

We would love to see you in action, please share some photos of you while competing. We’d like to share it on our social media channels with the world. It would be great to see in action our fellow photographers competing around the world, so please don’t be shy, send us some photos! BE SAFE! and again, BE SAFE at all times! Wish you good luck and good light!