PhotOlympic Team is very proud of this year’s photo competition judges.

We strive for diversity.

Diversity in every way, with our worldwide open competition where we welcome all photographers from around the world, and all the way to our very diverse judges.

We strive for objectivity.

Striving for objectivity means striving for the truth. We are all biased, we have our own way of looking at the things. In our pursuit for objectivity, we reached out to 24 extraordinary photographers from around the world, to make us an honor and allow us to mix their subjectivity with 23 other subjectivities in order to get closer to the truth.

Altaf Qadri PhotOlympic
Altaf Qadri - India
Antoan Bozinov PhotOlympic Judge
Antoan Bozinov - Bulgaria
Branislav Brkić - Serbia
Cosmin Gârleșteanu Romania
Eric Berger - Austria
Giancarlo Zuccarone PhotOlympic Judge
Giancarlo Zuccarone - Italy
Gili Yaari PhotOlympic Judge
Gili Yaari - Israel
Goncalo Lobo Pinheiro PhotOlympic Judge 2018
Goncalo Lobo Pinheiro Portugal
Ildar Sadikov Photolympic
Ildar Sadikov - Uzbekistan
Jan Valo - Serbia
Jeannette Gregori PhotOlympic Judge 2018
Jeannette Gregori - France
Karim Shokair PhotOlympic Judge
Karim Shokair - Egypt
Matteo Abbondanza PhotOlympic Judge
Matteo Abbondanza - Italy
Mirsad Mujanovic PhotOlympic Judge
Mirsad Mujanović - B i H
Nguyen Vu Phouc PhotOlympic Judge
Nguyễn Vũ Phước - Vietnam
Nino Rakicevich PhotOlympic Judge
Nino Rakicevich - USA
Normante Ribokaite - Lithuania
Ovi D. Pop - Romania
Ranko Durovic - Serbia
Sergey Kolyaskin Photolympic
Sergey Kolyaskin - Russia
Siniša Skenderija - B i H
Taras Bychko PhotOlympic judge
Taras Bychko - Ukraine
Victor Raison PhotOlympic jude
Victor Raison - Switzerland
Vladimir Jovanovski N.Macedonia
Yuko Ichikawa PhotOlympic judge
Yuko Ichikawa - Japan
Bojan Hohnjec - USA