1. Why PhotOlympic?” PhotOlympic is not a traditional online photo competition. PhotOlympic is a real-time photo competition where the competitors are given 24 of the same themes on which they have to photograph in the same length of time. 2. How you choose competitors?” Everyone who pay the competition fee is eligible to participate. 3. Who can enter the competition?” PhotOlympic competition is open to professional and amateur photographers from any country worldwide. 4. Just registered, where is my activation email? Your activation link is sent to your email. Just in case, please check your Spam or Junk Mail folder. Also, you can add info@photolympic.com email to your Contacts. 5. How do I enter the competition? To enter the competition, you need to register first and pay the entry fee. Once you do that, you will receive an entry confirmation email. 6. What’s the deadline to register for PhotOlympic 2019? The final date to register for the PhotOlympic competition is December 13th, 2019 23:59(London gmt). No entries will be accepted after this date. 7. How much is the entry fee? PhotOlympic entry fee is US $0 8. How to pay the entry fee? You can pay the entry fee using your PayPal account. All payments are processed in USD currency. This is done on your personal page when you login. 9. Can I submit the same photo into multiple categories? The same image can’t be submitted to multiple categories. 10. Can I enter a photo of another Photo Contest? No, you can’t, simply because this is a real-time competition and only photos taken during the time of competition are eligible to be submitted. 11. Does it matter when the photograph was taken? Yes, the photo needs to be made ONLY during the time of PhotOlympic competition. 12. Copyright and how the photos will be used? Copyright remains with the owner at all times. Submitted images may be used to promote the awards. The photographer’s name will always be credited with an image. 13. Do you respect my Privacy? Your personal information remains private at all times. Only your name and the country is shown publicly on the website. We respect your privacy and will never sell your data to third parties. 14. What size of files can I submit? Maximum file size is 5 Mb. Digital images must be saved as jpg at 300dpi, in RGB. Example of good practice: 1NameSurname.jpg 15. Can I have my logo or name on the photograph? Images must not have any embedded marks, logos, names or borders. 16. Do you accept digitally manipulated images? NO! Basic photo editing (black and white conversions, cropping, sharpness and other basic editing) is allowed, but digitally manipulated images are not. Example of what is not allowed: adding or removing things from the photo. 17. How do I replace or delete my entries? You can replace any image by clicking on the image (and uploading another with a different filename). Entries, where entry fees have been paid, cannot be deleted, they can only be replaced. 18. When are the Winners Announced? The winners will be announced the weekend after the competition at a live web streaming PhotOlympic program. 19. I am a Winner or Nominee, what do I do now? Prepare an Acceptance Speech to be posted on the website.