Bojan Hohnjec

My mission is to trade second with eternity, to materialize the feeling and show the emotion with photography. The most beautiful photograph is the one which steals the most beautiful moment.

Life is composed of little/small things that often pass unnoticed, we take them for granted, and we forget about them fast. With a photograph, I tell about life, I search for pure happiness and triumph, I convey a message of beauty.

Bojan Hohnjec is dedicated to photography from young age.  Still, as a boy, he knew to recognize the perfect moment and to capture it with his camera. His experience so far has made his talent even bigger. The goal is to capture the best in the people and their essence.

In various business challenges, he has learned to see the things other people do not notice and capture the moment in his own way. The moment when we feel happiest, loudest when all the lights are on us, the moment when we shine – that is the moment when Bojan makes incredible photographs.

Bojan Hohnjec already has 15 years of experience with over 300 concerts captured all over the world. He is the official tour photographer for British band Jamiroquai & he has worked with Faith No More, Linkin Park, Faithless, Avishai Cohen, The Prodigy and many others.