This competition concept goes back to 2009 when the first photo competition was held locally, then after a few years, we opened it for Europe photographers.

9 consecutive years of successful photo games and we decided to go BIG for the 10th one, to become a World-Wide photo competition.


  1. We’d like to emphasize that this is live, 9-day photo competition. We are trying to get judge’s subjectivity out of the way when it comes to scoring the photos.

  2. That’s the reason why we have 24 judges, all accomplished photographers and when you blend 24 subjective opinions into 1 then you end up with highly objective judging

  3. Transparency, that’s another thing that makes us unique, we offer tremendous transparency to our contestants and the public. After the competition is over and the results are out, our competitors, as well as the public, can review how each of the judges scored any particular photo. Isn’t that cool?

We invite you to join this extraordinary PhotOlympic competition, enjoy yourself with other participants worldwide and be one of the first Photo Olympians!