Nino Rakichevich’s photographic career began in the former Yugoslavia. Mentored by Tomislav Peternek, he fine-tuned his eye to catch powerful moments and strong emotions. After winning the 4 highest national awards in just one year, Nino became recognized as one of the most talented photographers in his home country. It was his desire for challenges and passion for photography that lead him to attend Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California in 1988.

After graduating from Brooks with honors, Nino began his career in Fashion and Advertising Photography. He worked on numerous national and international campaigns for clients such as: B.U.M Equipment, Big Dog Sportswear, Territory Ahead, Motorola, Giati Designs, Polero, Silverhorn Jewelry, Brian & Sons, Transoft, Only Hearts Club, Montecito Bank and Trust, Holz Kontour, to name a few. Nino’s fashion and photojournalistic background launched a successful wedding business with almost 300 weddings including numerous celebrities.

Throughout the years Nino has continued to cultivate his talent by combining his natural creative capabilities and critical eye into highly sensitive pieces of art. Nino has won over 40 awards worldwide for his photographic work and is now a member of the Serbian National Artist Elite known as  ”ULUPUDS.”

In addition to being full-time photographer, Nino has spent nearly 15 years teaching fashion photography and celebrity portraiture at the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography.

In 2014, he achieved further recognition when Sony selected him to be a member of the Sony Artisans of Imagery.