Mirsad Mujanović

I started  Exhibiting Photographs by forming the photo club in Travnik in 2006. During this period, thanks to my achieved results on photographs exhibitions around the world I received the highest local rank as Master of Photography by AUFBIH, on the international scene I received rank EFIAP.

Currently, I am a member of Arts Organisation of AUFBIH and a coordinator for awarding professional photography ranks here in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

So far I participated in 232 exhibitions. Apart from Bosnia, my photographs were exhibited in Slovakia, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Saudi Arabia, France, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Argentine, Serbia,  India, China, Russia, England, South Africa, Macedonia, Turkey, Canada, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Oman and Vietnam.

At these exhibitions, I won 129 recognitions among which are 49 first awards, 21-second awards, 11 third and 48 participations gratitude.

At the FIAP exhibitions, on the highest worldly photography scene, I participated 395 times with 166 different photographs.

Website: https://mujanovicmirsad.weebly.com