Gili Yaari is an Israel-based photojournalist specializing in documentary and news photography. In his work, Gili focuses on social and humanitarian issues as well as on contemporary Israeli issues.

Since 2007 Yaari is a contributing photographer to the Jerusalem based press photo agency Flash90. Since 2013 he is a contributing photographer to NurPhoto.

Gili’s works were published in leading international and Israeli magazines and daily papers like New York Times, Time, Wall Street Journal, Paris Mach, Le Monde, Corierra Della Serra, The Guardian and Financial Times.

Yaari has participated in many exhibitions and Photography Festivals in Israel and worldwide. His work was awarded in international photography competitions like ‘Sony World Photography Awards’, ‘Prix de la Photography Paris’ (PX3), ‘International Photography Awards’ (IPA) and Moscow International Photography Awards (MIFA) among others.